Loneliness kept haunting me

Like a ghost from an old grave

Lingering over me sucking my peace

Until I fell on my knees shivering and crying

Calling onto My God almighty to help me out of it


As the sun sets behind murky veil

The night owls roam hooting everywhere

Amidst the horrific detailing of the night

That grows thicker and thicker increasing my fright

Half closed door from terrace scares

Rushing to bedroom closing, locking, latching, holding my breath away

I lived each night shivering and calling fiercely in frightening pain

None heard me, turned a dead ear onto me, I was called weak and various names

I called upon my God almighty, he sent Angel's from heaven to protect me

I regained my mind, my peace, my heart beat once again


With every whip of hatred, abuse and being left alone to die or survive

A test, a exam, a preparation, a workout intentional to check my mettle

I was unprepared, I was naive, I cried and cried, and cried harder shivering and panting for breath

At last I lost all my calm, I was now fighting demons that were constantly being sent to me

To break me, shatter me, kill me and make me insane

I called on my God almighty, he took away all the demons and locked them underground 


Life has taken a turn that I was just unprepared to see

I was on a happy journey with my love and life going to be

Suddenly I fell into the darkest pits, with no hand to hold, no eyes to see

I have come a long way, not only fighting Covid,but also demons, loneliness, darkness, fear, waiting for my love

Now I can feel something strange within me

Something that was broken is getting back healed

Anointing me with the heavenly balms, my God has taken me in his protective arms

Now my Lord is my constant friend, my love, my everything 

I think this is why God sent everyone away from me

To make me, me, a good friend human, a newer version, with more convictions


I am the mountain that none can break, for my rocks are solid with heaven mud make

I'm the river pure, flowing down at my own pace, only God has the reigns to turn me around

I'm the roaring wind none can escape, for when I blow, all dust I raise, blinding demons with divine powers

I'm the energy that God gifted to me, for work all so holy, not for people lowly

I'm the divinely appointed soul, with lots of powers, immense resistance and pure intentions


Touch me, nay come near me, you shall burn, for I'm flame heavenly

Just a mighty power worked wonders within me, creating everything I was meant to be

I have tasks assigned by my God almighty, just awaiting the hour 

Each new tower, each new wall, the weapons old and new, all shall fall

The ashes of past memories I have set on fire, the urn I broke and let it fire

Now I've a easy baggage to hold and move ahead

With my Lord as my Guide, belief as my food and divine light my clothing beautiful 

I'm ready my Lord, for all the tasks I have been assigned

Just waiting for the right time  right people and my travel vehicle

The red sea shall once again part at the strike of an ancient rod

Making a way for me to safely walk to shores I'm destined to be


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Nigel Astell

Mon 18th May 2020 01:57

You are the rock that will never crack.

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