What is it about them,

that has us hovering, and

bugging to know more:

a weathered oaken door

of churches – beckoning

us to walk inside and get

to know a little better

what went on in earlier

times – an atmosphere of

lament and musty pews


Or, what occurred in former

times – the Taj Mahal of India

a splendid lavish construct of a

Maharaja’s much missed wife.


It is things like these that keep

my hopping mind alert, and has

me flirting with the past. Like

the aboriginals of Australia and

Ayers Rock – where once during

an ascent – I had a major heart

attack – with the Flying Doctor

plane rushing me to Alice Springs

to meditate under a respirator


Does spirituality extend beyond

all time zones and the stars – and,

why do wars break out because of

what one person claims to be the

proper path of enshrined thought




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Sun 17th May 2020 12:43

Much there is to ponder upon here young Philipos.


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Abdul Ahmad

Sun 17th May 2020 11:11


Enjoyed this lovely poem in search for spirituality.

Shrines and monuments are perfect retreats from lifes mundane routines. They offer peace and tranquility needed for us to discover ourselves.



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