You're safe even in pandemic

Now you are safe, well, and sound

There's nothing to fear of pandemic, just go play around

These aren't those bullies you have previously seen

They are God fearing, simple people who are caring

Just a little bit of monetary problems they are going through

Still they will respect you and treat you like a king

Eat, drink and relax, for now you are in the safest hands

Pandemic wont trouble you, nor they will misguide you

Take a deep breath, forget about past few weeks madness

They were greedy mongers hankering over you for things

They will soon regret their useless negative threats

For God will punish them for their rudeness and craziness

All the drama they executed was to keep you fearful and under them

Now there is nothing to worry, for these people won't trouble thee

May God make it easy for you and me and our families during times like these

Things are getting on track, but don't share much with HE Roo...

For he is desperately wanting to be Malya guy in times to come

Share what is necessary else keep your mouth tightly closed

These few people around you have kept you imprisoned in terror and threats of pandemic 

Winds now blow in your favour, you can breathe life forever

God has got us both in safer hands from where life can always be safe to start without pandemic fears

It's all in your head ►


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