the heartland

The heartland


When Carl Was about twenty-two yours old, tall and handsome

with slight gay air, many women liked he decided to open

a feminine massage saloon.

It took time before the place got going he borrowed from me

which he repaid handsomely when his the business was established.

But he got bored with the work oiling fat thigh and let his hands

inside smelling vaginas and softly massage the clitoris

until the relaxed. Happy for a few hours.

Carl Hired an assistant a “Dr Fred” he looked like a man a woman

would have as a lover and his mien there was a half promise

that someday somewhere it would come to fruition.

He bought out Carl for a price under its value, but Carl was happy

he liked nothing better to come into my little bar drinking beer

trying to struggle writing lyric.

Dr Fred committed the cardinal sin: WOMEN TALK!

He had succumbed to temptation sleeping with a couple of them

it began as a whisper that was loud enough for the paper to hint

that all were not well. The feminine the saloon was closed down and

poor Fred got jail time as he was not a doctor.

Men must learn a moral here keep your mouth shut.



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