GPS activated

The morning sunshine brought a little note

A love letter from my lover, inviting me home

There's no address mentioned, in nor out

I wonder where shall wind take me,  land or cloud

What if I just go strolling around the lonely park

When night is high and lights are dimmed to see anything

Will I be able to catch a glimpse of the home to see

Are there angels standing at the door to usher me

Is it tonight or some other day that you want me in

I'm surely clueless about everything, if only you did tell

Many a times I packed my bags to reach the shore

Found no ship nor any boat, so waited long for it to appear

But nothing moved, no wave, no tide, no rumbling sea

I've returned empty handed, disappointed many times from your door

You invite me, but you lock the door and tell all to shoo me off

What game is it i just fail to understand still

If it's TRUE at least leave the date, time and venue

Else with half hearted convictions i move on a path

Crying on returning from that wayward side

Help me to locate and finally make it on time

End this game of hide and seek and roller coastering ride 

Hold my hand, take me home and help me relax

Past two months I've lived in utter fear and fright

Give me love potions mixed with divine essence 

As I open my mouth, you may pour it lovingly from your mouth


◄ Whispering love


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Nigel Astell

Sun 17th May 2020 03:08

Love potion can only be poured
if the door opens
and this game
of hide and seek ends.

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