in the old days, ships were harder to handle and needed
a crew of about 32 people, modern ships need a team of 6 or seven
they had mess-boys back then our jobs were to serve food
do the washing up. We were very, young about 15 to 16 years old
and hormones were flying about making trouble.
Sometimes we met in a cabin for communal masturbation to see
how long we could keep it from exploding.
Once I hit the ceiling with my sperm and won kudos for this effort.
On long voyages we often fought, the slightest word
often led to a fistfight; I usually had a nosebleed
shorter trips were more natural, the dockland was full of whores who
liked us because we were young smelling youth and innocence
which we relied on for a free fuck.
But our innocence disappeared, and we had to pay like everybody else.
I had the luck to join a ship trading along ports in Latin America
were women were virtually free of charge, a promise to write was often
sufficient, their dream Europe and away from poverty.
As I got older and more aware of my surrounding, I had been a part
of exploitation, and since I became a socialist, I preached my new found
to ears that would not hear.

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