A mesage of hope and inspiration. (not a poem)

Hello everyone.

During these sad times and days of death and loss as a result of COVID and the many other deaths as a direct result of this pandemic, I felt that I would just like to share my thoughts about death and dying from an experiential viewpoint.

I have written hundreds of poems over the years and a huge percentage of them seem to be about death... Or rather life after life. Or the afterlife.

From sweet experience, I am 100% certain that death is not the end... for any of us!

My beleif is that life hereafter has nothing to do with 'made-made' religion in any way shape or form it is simply our birthright.  We all survive the demise of this physical body to move onto a new phase of existence, a finer fuller life with all of our memories and emotions fully intact.

I have 'seen and spoken' with hundreds of individuals from all religions and no religious belief at all... indeed with absolutely 100% no belief in an afterlife at all!

We don't have a choice... we all survive long after the body has been consumed by the funeral pyre or cremation or decayed and rotted in the ground. I can attest we all have left the body long before any of that transpires.

I have had many debates and discussions long into the night regarding these issues with skeptics and believers alike. I do not feel it my role to convert anybody or change their beliefs or religion. The truth is the truth.

Is there life after death?  Die and discover for yourself, is the ultimate answer.

Some of the best evidence that I have been privy too has been conveyed by animals. Beloved pets, dogs, cats, horses, even a spider a rat, and a goldfish have been amongst the many many animals who have come to bring thanks and love and comfort to their owners. Of course with countless memories of there time together and fantastic descriptions of their appearance and means and ways of their demise.

For me, the most exciting parts of any message from any individual's or pets have been the astounding information that has proven beyond any reasonable doubt not only that we all survive death, moreover that the departed can and do see what has happened after they left this world behind and know what you are doing, and where you have been, and why!  Right up to this very instant in time!

The evidence provided could not be guessed at or obtained any other way, or from any other source... There is NO DEATH!

I fully intend to write my autobiography with countless details about my experiences and conversations with our dearly departed loved ones.

Most, if not all of us will know personally of a loss of a partner, family member, or close friend or indeed a beloved pet. I am not any different from all of you.

Perhaps with just one exception, I have never thought that death was the end. So I have made it my life's work to set about trying to discover if the evidence of an afterlife could be proven without any reasonable doubt.

I can honestly say that I am satisfied that life after death is a fact of life for as certain as we were all born we will all die... and move onwards in our journey of existence albeit in different surroundings... reunited with those who have died and gone before us.

Poetry is a superb way of releasing grief and has been a source of great comfort to myself and many others, and will always continue to do so.

To conclude I must express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all those in the world of Spirit who have over the years contributed to strengthening my belief and understanding of communication between our world and theirs.

Like all of us, I receive thoughts of all manner of things daily within my head. I write poetry as most of here will and am certain that at times words and phrases and things I write about do not originate from own knowledge and or understanding.

I occasionally use words that I have absolutely no knowledge of at all... using them in their correct context and ‘sometimes’ correct spelling (those of you who know me a little more will know that spelling is not one of my strong points ;).

Inspiration is a word that few truly understand from an ‘otherwordly’ perspective.

We believe in the muses and can accept this phrase and do not question it or give it much thought.  Whereas I often ask where... NO, Who did that come from?

I am certain that there are many people who have just arrived in ‘heaven’... to give it a name we can perhaps comprehend somewhat. Who will be trying to impress upon the minds of those they left behind a myriad of thoughts and feelings.

It is my hope and strongest desire that these words will open your minds to the possibility of this reality, thus making it far easier for those who have left this world behind to help you to know they have all arrived safe and well.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.

Stay well


A sincere message of hope and inspiration.

◄ Oh! Death where is your sting?

The End ►


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Sat 16th May 2020 07:10

Don you said in rhyme...

"I could not, would not, contemplate
Suiciding me
Yes, would solve my problem
But gut my family"

The sad realisation of this truth is, all too often not seen and fully realised until the lost soul looks back towards the Earth and sees the truth of how much they were loved and lost.

It achieves nothing in the grand scale of our progress.

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Sat 16th May 2020 07:02

Don, one of the 7 principles of Spiritualism

The 7th is

Eternal Progress Open to every Human Soul

In most humans there exists the desire for progress and to every human soul belongs the power to advance in wisdom and love.

All who desire to tread the path that leads to spiritual wisdom and understanding are able to do so. The rate of progress is directly proportional to the desire for mental and spiritual understanding.

It is the realisation that our soul is a part of eternity and the road to progress is open any time we choose to walk it that can help us come to terms with the challenges of this world.


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Don Matthews

Fri 15th May 2020 23:12


I can't believe we spend 70+ years here and then there is just nothing. Blankness. What a waste of 70 years. To my scientific mind it's not logical. It doesn't make sense. OK the body goes back to compost but what is really 'us', our soul, I reckon is recycled. God says I'm gonna put you back into another baby Don. See if you can do better this time. (The gospel according to Don).

Seriously, continual recycling and 'improvement' of a soul makes sense to me.

But the number of babies is increasing Don. I'm gonna run out of soul source material.....

Nice to hear you using my language God......

Thankyou my son...

On your source material dry-up I would suggest a few population culls. A plague or two, try a flood. Hey God? (yes my son?) - a virus cull works well.....

I hadn't thought of that Don? I should employ you as my population control consultant.....

Thankyou God. We don't seem to be doing a very good job of preventing rampant population growth....

I notice you are beginning to spoil my beautiful creation....

I could offer more words of advice God but I'm getting sidetracked and taking up Po's comment space....

Go in peace my son....

(Sorry Po..)


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Don Matthews

Fri 15th May 2020 22:48

I could not, would not, contemplate
Suiciding me
Yes, would solve my problem
But gut my family

Re your comment Po on how others left behind would cope ...

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Fri 15th May 2020 21:41

Hello Ruth

Yes, you are so right... indeed it does, and we do.

I often think, there never was a time when we weren't and they will never be a time when we are not!

Life is a continuum.


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Ruth O'Reilly

Fri 15th May 2020 21:05

This is so interesting Po. I completely believe in life after death. Energy never dies. It just transmutes.

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Fri 15th May 2020 19:51

Thank you once again M.C for some more insight that I was unaware of.

Like Goddard, I was very skeptical about the claims of Spiritualism. I am still one of the world's greatest skeptics, to be honest... Not about Spiritualism, more about a few of the so-called spiritualists'

I am unsure if you saw my poem about a certain alleged medium of TV fame who died recently.


It was a message from a psychic and medium of high repute who gave me a message from my newly departed mother in law.

That message shook me as to the clarity and accuracy of her account of my recent decoration of the home... including the wood paneling in the bathroom I just installed and the fact that she went on to say "Just yesterday she is telling me, that you and Pat (her daughter, my new wife) was replacing a light bulb at the top of the stairs"... she went to tell me that Pat held the step ladder whilst I replaced the bulb. She continued with some more very accurate information.

Needless to say Pat was over the moon when she listened to the tape when I returned home.

During my private sitting, the medium told me to go to the local Spiritualist church and see if I could join the healing group, as she felt that I would make a good healer. She continued that I used to do a very physical sport and that now I was not doing anything psychically demanding. She said that I may be feeling very frustrated and have no idea as to why that was...

Which was so true and one of the reasons I went to see the psychic in the first place.

Long story short, I did venture into the Spiritualist church and was told that if I wanted to become a healer I would have to join the church because of insurance issues, etc. they do not teach non-members.

I decided to join firstly just to get the training... After gaining my Black Belt I became more interested in putting people back together rather than taking them apart.

I so learned that the exact same power that could break bones could also enhance the healing process and speed their repair.

Furthermore, it was instrumental in helping with mental issues and emotional issues... who knew!

The rest, as they say, is history.

Suffice to say that during some of the healing sessions I would become aware of people who were impressing upon my mind their presence and appearance, and placing some very personal information in my imagination that left me without a doubt that my imagination was being used by discarnate souls to convey messages from the 'so-called dead'.

( I must say at this point this is NOT to recommended). The reason being so I was told, was that giving messages whilst giving healing detracted from the healing process. I truism I later understood in much more detail.

This is perhaps better left for the book lol.

I have so many incidents to recall that I honestly could fill several books.

You have again M.C given some more insight that I can research.

The evidence is there if you are prepared to seek it out... As you so rightly say with an open mind.


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M.C. Newberry

Fri 15th May 2020 17:56

Hello Po...stimulating stuff - bringing to my mind a line from elsewhere -
"There's more to life than the things we can see".
Allow me to mention another experience in the story of Air
Marshal Sir Victor Goddard, whose amazing life i've referred to.
elsewhere on WOL.
I quote...
"He became one of the few followers of the British philosopher E. Douglas Fawcett (who) had a unique but little noticed theory of
cosmic imagination as the universaL principle behind material
phenomena. Fawcett and Goddard were firm believers in reincarnation. A series of uncanny events after Fawcett's death
led Goddard to take an interest in spiritualism which he (Goddard)
had previously despised, and the apparent evidences of Fawcett's
keeping his promise to communicate with Goddard from beyond
the grave constitutes one of the eeriest and most convincing cases
for survival. Various mediums whom Goddard did not know
suddenly sent him revealing details of Fawcett's death-bed scene
known only to Goddard who was alone with him when he died."
An open mind is all that's required to embrace the likelihood of
more to come after we quit this mortal existence.

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Fri 15th May 2020 12:14

Keith thank you so much for the encouragement and your input thus far.

I am very excited to hear your kind offer of sharing your own experiences. I desire to fervently gain as much evidence from as many reliable sources as possible in the coming months that show the reality of another existence after what we so glibly call death.

I am certain that you know already my desire to expound on my experiences and those of many others that sometimes are nothing short of truly miraculous. Often coming from very hardened individuals some with like yourself active military service under their belt.

I have been so aware for several years how simple talking can aid the suffering of those who suffered from PTSD. My own time with the Light Dragoons’ was such an insight into the ways that war changes the minds of so many of our young servicemen and women.

Sadly all too often brought about by the death of their comrades... witnessing at close quarters the horrors of death first hand.

The important work of helping any individuals who have suffered the loss of anyone through any circumstances can be vital to their well-being and road to recovery.

All of our gallant military personnel join up with the certain knowledge that death is sadly part of the job. However, this does not lessen the effects of those left behind if that death occurs.

Sudden unexpected death for no apparent reason is very hard to come to terms with. If a relative or close friend dies because of an illness then it is often perhaps expected and excepted with a little more ease, as in the case of COVID.

The anguish and suffering are still as poignant.

How we die and why we die is perhaps less important than how we and ‘they’ cope afterward.

Thank you again

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keith jeffries

Fri 15th May 2020 10:59


I am with you all the way on this essay. A believer or not I cannot accept that life is some random act of nature. We must look further to touch on what I would describe as being a divine plan which connects our earthly experience with another dimension.

"All will be safely gathered in", "not one crumb will be lost". We will never know for certain but we can believe. Only the personal experience of death will reveal this to us as it is part of a personal and spiritual journey. When you come to writing your autobiographical experiences I might be able to provide some useful examples.

Great work

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Fri 15th May 2020 09:50

Thank you for saying Abdul.

I felt that we need to express the other side of death!

My poem yesterday was what kind of made me think a little deeper about the joys of death as opposed to the 'doom and gloom' of it.

In truth they will always walk hand in hand.

At my funeral as the congregation leave I want 'The Beatles' song "Hello Goodbye" playing.

You say goodbye and I say hello, hello, hello. I don't know why you say goodbye I say hello.


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Abdul Ahmad

Fri 15th May 2020 09:39

Hello po

A comprehensive essay on the subject of death. It is written with passion and relies on your life long study of it; and, sharing of thoughts with other like minded scholars of death.

Thought provoking.


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Fri 15th May 2020 09:38

Thank you as always for your support and encouragement.

"The times they are a-changin"

Things are well and truly underway M.g to move forward in new directions this year.
Bringing comfort and solace to those who so sorely need our words of encouragement and support.



Fri 15th May 2020 09:16

Hiya Po,

Thanks for this motivational, inspiring write. I must say we all need to be reassured over this fact. Our loved ones after departing are safe and well. This kind of assurance create a lot of happy satisfaction within us.

I must say Po, you have a flair for writing, no matter what you give us, it's a complete package.

Your experience, knowledge and spiritual aspects creates an enriching piece. Its something that needs readers. I hope you also would start your own website as Don. Rest is all viewers, readers and fans.

Hit the right topic at the right time, you will have extremely growing readership.

Happy to see your constructive side during lockdown. Great going.

Keep writing and SHARING.


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