How can people be so fake

How could people be so fake

Many big promises to innocents made

Dreams of success, prosperity and happiness 

Only to give them death on the rail tracks


How can people be so cruel fake

Leaving homeless to die on roads

No food to eat, no bed to sleep

Only professed care in the mortuary


How can people be so fake

Asking for votes showing them good days ahead

Leaving them with bear minimum to live on

Letting them die a terrible death


How can people be so terribly fake

Flights of fantasy to countries all over

Spending millions on tours and fun filled hours

Leaving behind people donation for human kind in PM funds


How can people be so miserably fake

Announcing big time policies earning trade

Crores of dollars being spent in castles of air

Leaving being befooled countrymen who believe spoken lies as truth

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Don Matthews

Fri 15th May 2020 09:51

Po says it precisely.

How? Because they can.

Being in power they have the resources and protective 'support' around then. Power corrupts.

True, these people can leave a path of destruction and misery in their path but eventually it catches up with them.

PS 'Only professed care in the mortuary'

- a good line


Fri 15th May 2020 04:44

Yes Po, I completely agree with you. People wish to sit in their comfort zones until wrong things starts happening to them. If all of us are among those who sit back and watch the show, then who would work hard to save the world. Like soldiers brave fighting for humanity and saving the world from great calamities.
I agree!!

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Thu 14th May 2020 18:37


Because they can... and they don't care, unlike you who deems to set the world alight with your passion for right and fighting the injustice wherever you see it and in whoever you see it in.

Long may you be the beacon that shows the hypocrite in their true colour's.


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