Oh! Death where is your sting?

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Oh! Death where is your sting?


I have no fear of death

It’s death who doth fear me

For I am invincible

The Reaper can foresee


The day he comes to rip my soul

from this mortal coil

His efforts will all fall in vain

then again he will recall


Oh! dear death you have no hold

no fear in me resides,

you’ll return again, alone,

I’ll be not by your side


A lonely journey you’ll have had

When to Hades you must return

One day perhaps you’ll remember

Till then you’ll eternally burn.


So do not venture on this quest

to part me from my fate

Because by the time you come to take me 

I will have passed through Heaven's gate.


There we’ll stand and watch you

and sing our songs of praise

As the flames of damnation

consume you in its blaze.




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A mesage of hope and inspiration. (not a poem) ►


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Fri 15th May 2020 16:29

Time is so precious. It is undoubtedly our most valuable asset.

And yet we waste so much of it, and hardly ever think about using it wisely... Until we find we have so little left.


Fri 15th May 2020 01:10

You capture that misplaced feeling so well that every human feels, that we will triumph over death, Perhaps the certainty that there is an end is what makes our time on Earth so precious.

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Thu 14th May 2020 21:49

Hi Emer

Great to see you here. glad you liked this.

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Thu 14th May 2020 21:48

Hi Abdul, thanks for dropping in and hitting the like


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Thu 14th May 2020 18:08

Hi Mg

Thank you also for being a constant support and follower who has brought me back from the brink of 'packing it all in' more than once.


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Thu 14th May 2020 18:05

Keith, I so often think my words are pointless, are futile, are just merely doggerel in its true state.

It is hard to work with that acronym KISS and not look simple and or silly.

Your comments actually mean far more than your words alone can convey.

I have started to use 'Grammarly' and often it will suggest I make my musings differ to obey its algorithms'

My spelling and grammar have retarded my progress in motivating inspiring and comforting others for decades.

It will tell me monthly that I have used perhaps 80% more new words than all its users have used.

It is not the words nor the spelling that is important Keith it is the message and the sentiment behind them in my book... (of as yet unpublished and un broadcasted rhymes, and musings).

That truly now is in the process of change... As I have eluded to your self and a few others.

Thank you for your continued support and encouraging comments.


Thu 14th May 2020 17:39

Good one Po....as always!!

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keith jeffries

Thu 14th May 2020 16:26

This embodies the saying that we so often hear. A poem brimming with hope and putting the reaper in his rightful place.

Thanks for this Po


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