What can love do

What love can do to a person

Often I think about myself

Two years back I wasn't me

It was a different version

I ran behind love blindly

For in him I saw my soulmate

Dreams I started weaving

And followed him everywhere

Now I look back to where I was

I don't regret, but how changed I'm

In love I threw away my insecurities 

I have shed away the old lifestyle

Now I think of only love, read him only

His verses are my life, his pics my life

Him I breathe, I'm I dream

In love I changed just so much

I read only him, I think only him

Is this really love? Or something else?

I only wait for him, I only talk about him yo myself

My prayers are for him, his life and safety my priority

My world revolves around him, as if he is the sun 

Like a planet my life revolved around him

Now people want to change the change that happened 

It took me two years to be head over heels

It took me commitments, convictions about what I was doing

I consulted none, no advise I seek nor I feel scared

I just plunged into you knowing everything you do

I felt a soulmate connection with you

A search that came to an end after meeting you

What love does to a person, did it do to you

Now you have changed? Anger? Hatred? Disappointed? Or regret....could be anything 

Duties and obligations, call from others more important

I'm but a reader of you awaiting more verses

Harshness increasing, may be you wish to end

What love does to a person? Opens the eyes without thinking

Closes the heart without doubting

What is happening? Why is love suffering

These past years, my love us all I breathe, I thought, I dreamed, I awaited, I loved, I fought for, I convinced myself, I left everyone else

What love can do to a person?

It took two years for this painful journey to reach you

I'm still in pain, tired but won't be ever giving up

My life, my heart, my loyalty, my dreams are you and only you

Kill me if you can, else you will only find me moving ahead in love with you in my plans


What love can do to different people in different ways.

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