This heart breaking sad

My heart is ripping apart

I'm dying a thousand death

May be this time it's fatal

How can we not be one

We were meant to be United

Don't cause troubles to ride my mind

Making me insane by useless words

After coming so far together and strong

No winds of time can separate us anymore

I cant bear with this anymore

For I've only loved you and will only you till eternity

Thinking of going other ways isn't what I am planning

Shattered, battered, deceived and cheated i feel

At last i break, break down to cut my heart completely 

Be loyal for once and show me the way

I cant bear this separation anyway

Others don't have family and obligations towards them

You profess love but treat me like I ain't joined in any knot with you

Whose responsibility am I?

Who is my lover?

Who is my keeper?

I'm perplexed to know, I ain't a part of you

I'm somebody who you love, but haven't any duties towards

I'm somebody whom you care for, but won't do anything for me anyways

Leaving me to die of broken heart, just giving me away


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Thu 14th May 2020 09:11


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