Moon.girl- love n love

All the grey's and blues are gone

A white sky spreads across

Clear vision and sight bright

I once again can breathe life


The death mongers all died

Those feelings of grave all imprisoned

Once again I feel alive and breathe life

Living each day happily in love all over again


The Angels of love arrived on time

Delivered the parcel of loving chime

Music of life once again breathes within

As I love you with all my heart and soul forever more


I can feel the strength and also the powers of mind

Working God's hand in my lovely love filled life

Anointing my broken soul to wholesomeness again

I breathe life all over again


I love you my moon, today and every day

Even while fading, whitering I was dying for you each day

With a wholehearted effort to make it to you

I'm set upon a journey breathing life once again to meet you


My moon is lovely, caring and all so loving knight

Confusions crept in while for life I fought past many hours

Creating havoc of all good and bad to see

Now all sickness is gone and I breathe life once again loving my moon


O come to me my darling moon

I love you way too much to be away from you

Hold me in your arms and hug me really tight

Fix all my brokenness and fill me with lovely life


I loved you, and will love you till eternity

This is one truth instilled within me

Hoping with faith tok strong in God almighty

That He will unite moon.girl today and for eternity

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