Farewell bells ringing

I've been through the worst storms in life

Little too I was to go through such turmoils

But who says wisdom and insight is a gift free

It's a medal earned by perseverance through victory 


For all these gloomy, dull and darker days I face

My heart is losing its worldly strength and powers

But its gaining light from the divine sources

As I feel dead within yet illuminating 


As in a cocoon the caterpillars stay

Twisting and turning for weeks in dismay

Bearing all the physical tortures all the way

Only to attain beautiful wings to freely fly away


As the volcanoes erupting and earth quakes

Gusts of wind swirling my mind and soul

There are sudden catastrophes taking place

In this utter chaos and turmoil, peace and love grows and stays


A cup of coffee when being prepared

Water put on torturous flames to boil 

Adding sugar and coffee beans to the water

Finally a fresh aromatic cup of life is ready to be sipped


I've painted many of my lifes stories in different ways

Only to nurture and enhance the hidden painting skills

Although a writer I am, painting words of canvas of mind

Finally picturesque images spills on screen and papers


Hurt, devastated, dejected and forlorn 

Lost love battles and heartbreak all along

Finding reasons why things broke away

And drifted far off into lands where I wont stay


I pack my bags today and carry my burden alone

Moving into strange place with people unknown

I hope for my safety and security, for once I pray 

May God bless the new ventures and life I journey today


I'm going far away from all the life's  blue and grey

Carrying with me all my broken pieces of love and heart

An urn full if ashes of burnt dreams, hopes and past

To keep it as my darkest treasure till I breathe my last

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Nigel Astell

Thu 14th May 2020 03:11

Broken pieces with
burnt love throw
then restart your life
He will help.

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