Once again

Once again love shines bright

It's standing stronger than before


Once again life smiles upon us

Brimming with Hopes and laughter


Once again the souls are dancing happily

In love, lust and full grown ecstasy 


Once again the dreams are playing in our eyes

The songs of love, laughter, happiness and a future prosperous 


Once again we have prove to the world our might

The strength is in unity, love and togetherness this they gave learnt


Once again the miracle of God saved and protected us

Giving us hope of a life anew living in God's path forever and ever more


Once again the air is clean, water is pure, land is reaping goodness and oceans oozing pearls bright

Isn't it time for everyone to realize that God has opened for us all the goodly doors


Once again I hold my heart in my hand and twist it right

Making it a flower bright to present it to my knight, my lover right



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Nigel Astell

Wed 13th May 2020 00:53

Songs of the earth
dancing flowers
each in love.

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