There are various claimants

as to who called first the shots

without the firing of a gun – a

photo shoot I mean – showing

the queenly looking bride, all

smiles, as well as countless as

the grains of beach rich sand,

walks along the promenades


Consider – D Day landings of

troops at Normandy and else

where, trying not to permit

fear escape their lips, and

so shake about with fright,

though dreadful were their

times and pressures faced


Dotted round the ocean beds

lie sunken vessels of the day,

on which our men and women

prayed to save them from the

sin of cowardice, as if being the

one to be afraid is cowardly

when fear of dynamite is wise


Only reporters of those awful days

can give a true account of what

went on when bombers dropped

their payloads to the ground and

more. Verbatim doesn’t count

when troops are under fire, it is a

camera’s lens that truly never lies




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