the first lonely moment without them. but more importantly, without something to numb the silence

‪are you still missing them?‬

‪next sleepless night, sit on your kitchen floor‬
‪gaze at the moonlight, if you’re scared of the dark‬
‪don’t reach for a screen or a bottle‬
‪to document or improve the moment, to distract ‬
‪just sit in it‬
‪the tranquil peace ‬
‪feels like waking up in the morning and kissing them,‬
‪feels that tight bliss ‬
‪except you’re all alone. look ‬
‪look now at what you can do‬
‪with a bit of moon, a bit of regret‬
‪and very little sleep‬
‪make your own love story ‬

my reflection (was rejected by a magazine) ►



Tue 12th May 2020 05:06

How can the heart ever forget where it found love, peace and happiness?

As for those who made life hell, devils comrades, they were faking care, but the true ella was true in her relationship with those devils until she realized what harm they did to her...she misses what she did sow, not what they gave and still offer to give.

Thought provoking, I just added my little mind in here too.

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