Dreams by the beach

wave washed castles

made by the ingenuity of

wide eyed kids carrying

their buckets and spades.

Natures artefacts brushed

up, flotsam of the surf and

spume, brought in from

exotic shores – crabs that


scurry around with organ

stopper eyes as if they were

suddenly surprised at our

appearances into a Neptune

rich world, claws poised for

a punch up and a brawl, or a

scurrying away. What other

artefacts await the observer’s


view apart from nacre now

glinting under the sunbeam

rays. A bog roll sheet with stains,

a coffee cup, chucked aside in

haste. A list of human waste.

As underneath the mire a star

fish struggles to escape our filth,

living a blowy autumn day






Mon 11th May 2020 12:15

I really love the imagery here, its so intricate and beautiful

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