I'm still here

O love will you hold my hand and take me out

Would you care to let me know the gate number 

Will you welcome me on my entry and not leave dogs out to bite me

The people are confusing me and misguiding me

Only a couple of them sincerely care who fear God's anger

Rest are all hurling abuses, shouting, biting, scolding and demeaning me

Bodyguard's missus talks rudely when I call and shoos me off from the gate

Just once she allowed me in after that snobbishly she shrugs me off

People are expert at playing a double game, behind back they betrayed

And the keeper of the law wanted me to walk down to closed down doors

Areas which are sealed in order to guide me into buying wrath for me

Now who should be trusted, and what line to follow

When people play games, and hard pills I need to swallow

Let me know what you want me to do

I'm still here waiting for you


O my love doctor I should let you in

To do my check up and collect my blood sample

Would you be coming home in a doctor's kit

Or will I find you wearing a heroic suit with hat

You need to master upon the blueprints

For many a human sit out behaving wickedly evil

A master plan of love and unison we certainly need

Come my love Doctor in your love ambulance

And take me out of this horrible hell into gardens of love

◄ Thank you

Moongirl.fadingaway ►



Sun 10th May 2020 03:58

Ambo here goes tiyun, piyun, tiyun, piyun.....hehehe

You wait till death reaches the gate
Come early and slay the deadly mate

Ready to embark, ready to go
Packed my bags, packed my heart

Zoom, zoom, ,zoom......vroom.....we go!

LMS Rides are scary....you were right
This is third roller coaster ever since I got freedom
Really scary rides....I must say

Profile image

Don Matthews

Sun 10th May 2020 03:45

I am your Doctor here to help
My ambo's full of love
While I am real my ambo
Is virtual, kind of

My ambo's stationed in the
LMS Theme Park
Waiting there till needed
Ready to embark

lights flashing...oooo..aaa.ooo..aaa..ooo..

(Now you've seen/heard a virtual ambo...)


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