Signum crucis

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‘Signum crucis’  Sign of the Cross times.


The pews are all empty, cassock hanging back of the door

The bible covers closed, no congregation to read it for

No hymns being sung, the cloisters deathly quite

Yet my minds in turmoil, my Soul’s running riot


The bells are all silent, no sermons proclaimed

No prayers being prayed, no candles aflame

Standing at the graveside the priest standing alone

No sinners to be saved, no one was atoned


Just a hole in the ground six feet by three

No one to give praise to God even thee

We all are in lockdown alone with our grief

With just, our faith to sustain us wanes our belief


No wake to celebrate the joy of your life

‘COVID’ has taken you, my dearest darling wife.



May 2020



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Oh! Death where is your sting? ►


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Tue 12th May 2020 10:23

Hi racha

It is great to see you back.

Thank you for dropping in and hitting the like.

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Sun 10th May 2020 17:01

Thank you for commenting Martin.

As you said earlier... Let us hope that the new normal is better by far than the old normal, with people thinking a little more of others at times rather than just me, me, me mate.

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Martin Elder

Sat 9th May 2020 22:50

A splendid poem Po in as you say not normal times

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Fri 8th May 2020 11:28

Thank you Jon.

Normally I avoid emojis... However these are not 'Normal Times'

Sometimes there are no words, even for a poet.


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Jon Stainsby

Fri 8th May 2020 10:12


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Fri 8th May 2020 09:36

Thank you all for your heartfelt comments.

Today is a sad day of reflection and introspection... So many of those who have died in recent weeks are our elderly who gave so much for our freedom and liberation.

A news item yesterday told of how a couple who were married for over sixty years, both of them celebrated and honoured war veterans
died within two weeks of each other. The wife going first closely followed by her loving husband.

..."Do not stand at my grave and weep"... A line from a well known poem that tells of a different perspective.

It is the families of COVID victims who have such a burden greifing the loss of their loved ones... Not being able to 'Say goodbye'.

This poem is dedicated to all those who have lost a loved one in these tragic circumstances.


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Don Matthews

Fri 8th May 2020 00:18

Well crafted about a sad but true fact of current times.....some don't even have the 'privilege' of a hole in the ground.......

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Abdul Ahmad

Thu 7th May 2020 22:30


This is weird. Are you sowing hypnotic seeds of ideas in my mind germinating in mimicking your thoughts?

Your poem very nicely highlights the corrosive invasion of COVID undermining traditional and cultural practices associated with the honouring of the dead.



Thu 7th May 2020 22:05

Is everything fine Po? Really a sad poem. One of your dark ones.

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Thu 7th May 2020 21:36


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