Pall Mall is eerily quiet

only the ghosts remain,

un-isolating on familiar

thoroughfares – apart

from the coo of pigeons

lusting for a mate. I can

recall the better days as

matters went full swing


the red bus passengers

ding-dinging to alight. It

was the flower beds and

nearby parks I miss most.

That and the ghostly sense

of other presences. Not

forgetting of course the

sight of Pearly Kings and


Queens. Only one old man

trundles along in his reliant

vehicle – Oh Look a spectral

voice proclaims – well I’ll be

blowed – it’s Captain Tom,

in his hot rod chariot of fire,

and a clapping throng, all

waving their union jacks.


And the sun’s come out,

as the Queen, and other

Royals, lined up on the

balcony, making merry

amid all the trumpeting.




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M.C. Newberry

Wed 6th May 2020 22:04

I reckon if Captain Tom Moore made his solo way down the Mall
on the day, enough people would turn out to make it a very British celebration in its own right. And I bet HM and family would be on
their usual balcony to wave a warm welcome! 🎖

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Hannah Collins

Wed 6th May 2020 19:54

Beautifully described.


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Greg Freeman

Wed 6th May 2020 14:46

Yes, it was going to be a big thing this year, the 75th anniversary of VE Day, for at least some people. It takes something to douse some Brits' barmy jingoism. But this will. Fair play to Captain Tom, though. A Great Brit, fighting for our NHS.

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John Coopey

Wed 6th May 2020 13:14

I like the imagery, Phil.

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