Perfect date

I date you everyday in my mind

A perfect time when you are all mine

We meet on the bench in that beautiful park

Sit close together with your arms around my shoulder

We talk for hours and hours over subjects important 

At times you laugh, tickle me, joke and try to break the monotony 

I love your smile, i love your eyes gleaming from behind your spectacles 

I can read your mind even before you speak love to me

The other day we met over the beach

We sat together over the sand, hand in hand

Spoke nothing, but held eachother close while watching the sunset

I don't know if you remember our date over the mountain

Cold wind blew and you took off your jacket to cover me

As we looked eye to eye, the magical winds got our lips close by

A long, deep, warm, soft and honey  filled love we exchanged

The last time we met was under the open skies

On a white sheet spread over the garden we lay together watching the sky

The stars, moon, the cool breeze and whispering night birds

Romantic was the view, it flung our hearts lovingly into love filled ecstasy 

I remember our date in our kitchen, where you baked a cake in the oven

It was a perfect swell, with vanilla essence filling the air

As we ate it with coffee watching our favourite starwars movie

Do you remember the date over the swimming pool

Ah what a splendid time I had with you

A swimmer perfect that you are and me a perfect naive

You took me on your back into the pool and made my swimming day

How can I ever forget those dates I had with you in the gymnasium 

Do you remember anything we talked in there

I remember those days so well, and I live them every moment since then

I played hide and seek with you, and you did seek me there

But you played so rough, you hid and never let me find you anywhere (cry my heart out every moment in agony)

I date you everyday and every night

These are my perfect romantic hours and days

Although away from you, but these dates makes me happy being around you

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Sun 10th May 2020 22:23

It's only my muse. Few are memories. I wish it could come true. I waited life long for him but now life has taken an ugly turn, may be I ain't just good enough or may be I just cant manage. Please pray Nigel.

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Nigel Astell

Wed 6th May 2020 13:25

Each moment recorded
played back
time after time
inside this poem
love conquers all.

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