There's a song playing in my mind☆☆☆

There's a song playing in mind

There's life standing outside

Shall I sing the verses sweet

Shall I open the gates for life to visit me

O it's just a thought away

Words just need to be played

Music ringing back in the yard

Water freezing right in the dark

Lots of things running in my head

Shaking it a little to make it rittle rattle

Let the song play, let's dance our way

To the tunes of life we are living

Don't call it survival cos we are still striving 

So will you please hold your hand out for me

Just pull me right on my feet, so we'd dance

Dancing the whole day, the whole night long

Just shake out a little, and shake in a little

Put your hand out for me to hold it

There's a song playing in mind 

There's life waiting outside

So let me be, for I am free, a bird about to fly

Just spreading my wings across the deep blue sky

On my feet, a stride or two, here I go, flying high

There's a song playing on my mind

So let the music play, and life begins to dance its way

◄ The door!! Knock knock

Rejuvenating ►



Sun 10th May 2020 22:25

Yes is rock n roll

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Nigel Astell

Wed 6th May 2020 01:56

Shake rattle and roll
jive a little
then sing my song.

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