The door!! Knock knock

You just know 

When its your door

Stop banging

Move ahead

It ain't locked

Rather this isn't your door

It's an entry for someone sultry

Your door is still hidden

You just keep searching

Keep trying doors you see

May be you will get entry

It might be just next door

So don't lose hope

Keep moving

Keep trying

Keep praying

You have all the keys

The one that fits the lock

It's the one got to be

What could be the reason of delay

May be you are just too early

What could be the reason of many doors

May be God wants to perfect you

So when you open your door

You feel heart fill gratitude

God already knows your door

It shall be reached right on time

Neither too early nor too late

You are right behind the huge gate


◄ Together forever!! IA

There's a song playing in my mind☆☆☆ ►



Mon 11th May 2020 01:50

Thnx Don for reading the poem.

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Don Matthews

Mon 11th May 2020 01:16

I've got a bunch of keys
Collected over years
Why don't they fit none of my locks?
Give up, let's have a beer



Sun 10th May 2020 22:26

I hope and pray. Each time I reach my destination it just goes far away. Just too perturbed.

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Nigel Astell

Wed 6th May 2020 01:53

Each key I try
to unlock my way
the door will open
all in good time.

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