May the forth be with you. by Poda

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May the forth be with you.

By Poda


Today is May 4th

Some call this day ‘Starwars’ day.

It does not need much imagination to see why this is... If, that is you have ever seen any of the ‘Starwars’ films.  Of which by now there are many.

If so, you will have heard the phrase “May the force be with you” said many a time to many a character in many situations in every single one of those epic episodes of the everlasting war against ‘good’ and ‘evil’. 


What is this force that bestows such power to Yoda and all who have chosen to follow the path of the Jedi.

This may help to show you what this force is...

“Your focus determines your reality."

You have the ability to change your own reality by the force of your mind.

In Episode IV, Obi-Wan Kenobi tells Luke Skywalker: "The force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together." ". . . a Jedi can feel the force flowing through him. It [partially] controls your actions, but it also obeys your commands."  

I recall the old adage here “As a man thinketh, so he is”

The aphorism, "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he, (Proverbs 23:7)" not only embraces the whole of a man's being but is so comprehensive as to reach out to every condition and circumstance of his life.

Action follows thought.

Forget the biblical reference perhaps, but remember the sentiments.

The very word GOD can for some people place an impenetrable shield around the very thing that is so crucial to understanding what, NOT who this force is.

As can the other words or titles we as humans give to this force. Forcing prejudices’ to come between us as a race or culture... Our God being the ‘only one true God’.


I am a Master myself, not a Jedi master I hasten to add. A Reiki master. I am also a Black Belt.

In layman's terms, Reiki is a form of healing.

It has been said that there "is no evidence that clinical reiki's effects are due to anything other than suggestion". 


The academics are looking for tangible evidence of the intangible., claiming that such a force is non-existent because it can not be seen or measured... This may be the case. However, it’s effects can be felt and experienced.

I mention Martial arts because all martial arts utilize this life force or chi or ki as it is called in some cultures to achieve some truly astounding feats of strength and endurance once the exponent learns how to harness and use this force.


The force is in itself neither good nor evil it is just a force. It is the intention behind the application of this force which determines the effect. For Good or Bad. For the betterment of health or to cause harm and even death.

I have made a study of this life force for over half a century now and for me, it is a reality. I have experienced its power personally for good and for bad.  I see it working in my daily life, I experience it every moment... As do we all!  Irrespective of whether we choose to believe it not.  It is there.

It interpenetrates and surrounds all life. It is all-encompassing, omnipresent, all-pervasive, and invasive.  You can never be apart from it... nor it from you.


It is the God particle, the ‘Higgs boson’ the all elusive force.

If ever there was poetry my friends it is THIS.


May 4th is with you


May the Force be with you.


Go well


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Thu 7th May 2020 20:53

Sly Thanks for dropping Bro.


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Tue 5th May 2020 06:57

Sophie that is one of those strange but true facts.

During my many years as a Church serving medium I have often been heard to say... "Some people have said to me, Life after death, it's all in your imagination"

"Of course it is I say in return", where else could it be?

I still find it strange that people think that clairvoyance is a way of seeing without that screen for our dearly departed to project images upon.

As for healing it works for animals and babies and children who have no belief in God or Jesus or any other 'faith' at all.

Our minds are infinite in capability.
For most of us we just don't fully realise this yet.

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Sophie Morley

Mon 4th May 2020 21:53

You’re describing the placebo effect here and it is indeed insanely effective and wonderful. It is similar to an experiment involving a pencil: participants put a pencil in their mouth in a way which forces them to smile. They then watch a comedy film and rate how funny they found the film. These participants always find the film much funnier than those who didn’t have pencils in their mouths. This is because they were smiling and ‘we are as we do’-essentially we trick our brain into thinking we are amused. It’s counter intuitive because the placebo effect doesn’t work if you know it is a placebo...usually. But our minds are separate from our anatomical brains which is why we can trick them. The mind is indeed intangible (so far) and very powerful.

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Mon 4th May 2020 21:39

1 like
Jon knows the difference.

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Mon 4th May 2020 21:12

A little like the difference between poetry and prose.

A whole different set of rules apply here also.


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Mon 4th May 2020 19:27

That all depends on which hemisphere you are standing.

If neither then a whole new set of rules apply.


Mon 4th May 2020 18:02

At a time. What should be the time difference between each bite?

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Mon 4th May 2020 16:12

If you want to eat a bar of chocolate take it one bite at a time.


Mon 4th May 2020 15:36

Yes, indeed Don, I know you No, but I know Po knows. So no is know and know is know in the know😗

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Don Matthews

Mon 4th May 2020 15:16

I think she's talking about me. I'm in the no

Definitely lost the plot....

Poor fella....

That's what lockdown does...

That right?....



Mon 4th May 2020 14:30

I know, that's why I asked the one who is in the know😍

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Mon 4th May 2020 14:23

It quite simply is just a play on words... no more, no less.


Mon 4th May 2020 13:53

Don, starwars may 4th. But just the stars have any impact on may 4th. That's what I wanted to know😝😝😝

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Don Matthews

Mon 4th May 2020 13:21

May the fourth be with us
A special kind of day
Darth Vader comes to visit us
What more is there to say?

He's lost the plot......

Poor fella.....

Mg wants to know date significance....

Now we understand...



Mon 4th May 2020 12:11

Strange phenomenons exist, those who have experienced will believe it.
Reiki is a healing therapy. Strong and effective.
Spiritual bond is way beyond explanation.
Its God's mercy that encompasses everything undoubtedly.

What's the significance and importance of may the 4th in spiritual sense? Something explainable?

You will write better than this, I'm sure about it. Just when you have enough experience to share.

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Don Matthews

Mon 4th May 2020 11:43

I've never tasted choclate
But daddy says its yummy
When I grow up If I am good
I will get some from mummy

We'll then be a yummy choccy family.....

What's this got to do with 4th May?....

Nothing. Lockdown's sending me silly


I'm well gone.

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Mon 4th May 2020 10:21

Thanks for saying Philipos.

I have my reservations about writing this kind of stuff...

If you have never tasted chocolate before how would know what it tasted like? Plus if you had to explain to anyone what it actually does taste like who has never had chocolate before it would be an almost impossible task to convey.

I am aware that I often am peaching to the converted or flogging a dead horse 😌

Still I love the sound of my own voice and like reading my thoughts, feelings, and experiences... Sometimes even I don't believe what I have seen and done, so how could I expect anybody else to understand or believe it to be actual, factual, and true.

I am aware enough to know that some of my experiences range on the miraculous side of the scale.

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Mon 4th May 2020 10:07

And the futuristic films of earlier days, set the imagination of the imaginative types which ran into Dan Dare Days - and all because a shooting star which went whizzing past, a portend of where we stand today - us invisible in the universe at large. Much enjoyed your words. P. 👍

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Mon 4th May 2020 07:56

God that was E P I C 😇😈

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