Right or easy

Walking on a course decided and destined

Many hurdles came along seen yet unseen

At first it boggles the mind completely helpless

Yet I stare heavenwards to get directions discreet


The path is rough, rugged and hard to tread

But who said the paths of righteousness are easy to make

What is right is difficult to walk upon and understand 

What is easy may not be always right to start on


Wisdom has an integral role to play in our life

What comes easy may not lead to our lovely destiny

What is tough could be the path leading to heaven above

So right is right with all its bitterness and easy aint a path to tread with all its sweetness 


Choice is definitely ours to make whether right or easy

Decisions rest within our own strengths and capabilities 

So choose the right no matter how many struggles and strife 

For easy is an option for many a men with innumerable imperfections


Easy may not be always a thing right

But what is right can be made easy with wisdom bright

Do always follow what is right, whether difficult or tough

If God wills He shall make easy every right you strive to touch

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Mon 4th May 2020 12:06

That's right Nigel!

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Nigel Astell

Mon 4th May 2020 07:55

Imagine life as
an assault course
your challenge starts
with the words
get it right.

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