As I lay on bed

Hearing the music of nature

Feeling contentment to the very bone

Only rising to share what happiness within I bore

Laughter and giggles giving way to enriching smiles

Would you care to stop, take a look and lie by my side

An open window lends nature's musical attentionĀ 

Sounds of cuckoo, hornbills and serenade far away

Occassionally broken by the hooting of train engine crossing tracks in the nearby way

Cool breeze that blows gently touching the very leaves of nearby trees

Oogles of thoughts perspires way down my forehead

This summer night is so perfectly made for you and me

As I lay on bed

Enjoying the music of nature

Welcoming the future, smiling away my past

A silent relief of days past full of stormy days and nights

Now silence resides as I enjoy the silence

Weaving dreams glancing the distant moon

A dance of stars in the sky

What a view it holds, I quietly in contentment enjoy

◄ Smiling soul!!

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Mon 4th May 2020 07:05

I hope it helps relax and ease....God bless you!

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Mon 4th May 2020 06:34

Like a breath of fresh air this poem is to read.


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