Two and two is five

A fly caught in the web

Cant go back

Cant just move ahead

Just stuck in the present

A state of confusions


They are scared of her

She is scared of them

Fear engrips all

Creating turmoil and havoc


You speak spade

She replies spade

You spoke good

She replied same

Then why the hue and cry

When your words received echoed reply


She is bad

Cos she is alone

She has no support

She has no home

Instead of helping

People are yelling


As a terror struck child

She is worried

Happy, joyful minds

See her psycho 

Who's who, what is what

Worries aren't happy thoughts

How can people judge

When things are bad and they rot


Cyclic episodes

You say left

She says right

Up and down

North and south

No common prospects

Why you depending on strangers

If you know her well

If want her for life

Stop seeking further advise


At the end

Two and two is one

None can overcome

Until broken you stand

Letting everyone a man

To judge and decide

Matters already solved

Matters already complied

◄ Help me!

Smiling soul!! ►



Sun 3rd May 2020 18:14

Thnx for stopping by and reading Po.

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Sun 3rd May 2020 17:34

Some great lines here M.g.

Lots to ponder upon within the words you have chosen to piece together. What a web you have woven.


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