O God! In these troubled times I look upon you

As my guide,

So please guide my steps and I will follow

Guide me the path on which to start

Show me your plans, blueprints

When, where and what. Date, time and venue.

Speak to me in words that can be deciphered 

Language easy that I can read and understand 

Show me the signs that it's from you so I can trust

I need to know, it's not something I'm imagining

Or something the devil is trying to play with my mind

In the past you sent me helpers who have developed doubled art

They made me think, I imagine, I'm following shadows, nothing is real but my minds imaginations

So I've started doubting myself, I cant rely on more symbols

You have to do something beyond virtual

A real word, a real person, a real hand, like you previously did while you got me out through witches prison

So once again I need convictions to escape from this deep dark world

From a place which is eerie but my abode of temporary shelter

I'm weak, you know, I was brave, but you killed my confidence by making me doubt my intuitions and calling it mad imaginations

So how can I embark on a journey double mindedly

You will have to help me all in all, as my lack of confidence was built by you all

Now you ask me to be brave, after sucking out all my energies 

Please God help me, help me be convinced in reality not virtually 

I can't walk all alone, I need you in front, so I can follow on.

Before that I need to be convinced it's you, else I could doubt my imagination powers thinking it to be creating you

Follow me so I can follow you

Understand me so I can understand you

Speak to me so that I can speak to you

Be real for once, else nothing will virtually work


O God hear my prayers 

Help me through my way


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Mon 4th May 2020 00:36

Po, pm

Thank you Po. Once again you have satiated the hunger of my soul with well explained reasons and logic. I'm just too turmoiled to take care of myself. Trying to hold back my broken pieces which are breaking into more each day. Nothing makes sense as of now, perturbed grieved mind somehow maintained my lonesome self from dying n crumbling, don't know till when n how, but I'm trying even with brokenness.

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Mon 4th May 2020 00:16

Ghaz every journey begins with a single step
You took that step long ago. Your path was set and your goal in sight.

Then like so many of us you became distracted by others who need you, who took you away from your path to walk with them until they found their path again.

Then you decided to follow once again your chosen path, the path God laid out for you.
On this path, you walk alone, alone safe in the knowledge that God walks by your side.

Sometimes you rush ahead and God follows you. You will remember I once told you a phrase...

‘Follow me I’m right behind you’ Take solace that your path is set and although you may feel alone and unable to discern the truth, the truth will find you when you stop looking for it.

Others will tell you ‘they know your path’ they do not!
God talks to us in many ways, the message’s can come to us from Angels, both from the heavenly realms and here in this world of distractions and deceivers.

How can we tell from whence the help and guidance are coming?
Many set out to deceive us for many reasons, as a rule of thumb if their help and guidance is right for you, or indeed divinely inspired, or initiated your soul will know.

You will know... However “Test ye the spirits, know are they of God”

Many have their own agenda, their own path that is far from the place you need to be. They are not strong enough to walk alone so will take your light to see and your energy to carry them along... If and only if you allow it!

Be of one mind, always remember the eye that you see God with is the eye that God sees you with.
What does this actually mean? God can not be dictated too. If you believe God is an illusion if you see God as this... This is exactly what God will be.

When you see evil all around you, you must learn to draw strength from outside of yourself. Conserve your energies focus on positive people in your life wherever they may be. In this world or the next. by your side or separated... only by miles!

Thoughts can travel faster than the speed of light. Thoughts are instantaneous

As soon as you ask for help your thoughts are picked up and answered. It is hearing the answers, that is the all-important part. The part that so many of us doubt.

Is it just me hearing what I want to here?
Is it from some evil force or individual who keeps me from my true purpose?

Is it my thoughts of distraction or fear that stops me from moving towards my true path.

Is it perhaps because my thoughts about a soul mate, a true love that I’m waiting for, are exactly ‘just’ that... my own thoughts. Not the path or person God knows has chosen for you to be with.

You must sit in the silence and still your mind from the rush and hustle and bustle of the world in which you live Do.

The place you seek, the place you feel at home in is not a physical location. It is not in any particular place or country, it is within you.

God is not ‘out-there’ somewhere, God is wherever you are. you don't have to go looking for God, you have already found Allah you must find the confidence and conviction to take your place and side by side you will walk towards your true path of destiny together.


Allahu Akbar


Sun 3rd May 2020 21:52

Thanks Sunflower!!


Sun 3rd May 2020 16:41

Deepest gratitude and thanks. Amazing and inspiring


Sun 3rd May 2020 11:57

Thank you Abdul. I'm glad you liked it.!


Sun 3rd May 2020 11:56

Thank you for reading and appreciating! It means a lot to me.

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Abdul Ahmad

Sun 3rd May 2020 10:25


You have expressed a raw emotion that many are experiencing at these exceptional times in the form of a well crafted powerful prayer.

Enjoyed reading it.


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keith jeffries

Sun 3rd May 2020 10:05

This poem takes the form of a prayer, if not a plea to God, for help and guidance. The words are from the heart, true and real. Here I see a relationship with God gradually developing but interposed with an element of doubt. The lockdown poses a test to our faith as it affects our future and we need assurance that all will be well.

Beautifully crafted. An excellent spiritual poem.
Thank you for this


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