Locks broken, doors opened

Released after a long demonic imprisonment 

All the magic black couldn't keep her within

The harder the witches tried the faster they fell

An army strong led her out of that living hell

Plans were successful and girl in outside world set her foot

The adventurous ride came along as she slowly got the reigns in her hand

Decisions weren't easy to make and life outside is tough

Alone and naive she set foot to discover and explore the world

Forty percent of the plans of the witches got completely destroyed.

They had locked her up with charms and verses

Within doors she lived without and happiness

Nothing to look forward to, none who could help through

Their plans were perfectly implemented in destroying her

Broke her emotionally, physically,  mentally, financially, socially but couldn't do anything spiritually

The spiritual strength that God had bestowed upon her

Her prayers as a gift of miracles was given to her

Finally the plans of the witches started to get haywire 

Their success in imprisoning her started getting destroyed

And then there are outside devils beyond the witches gates

Another strife, struggle and gurgling ride for her awaits

Few she stepped upon and faltered and few were jolted

Each day brings with it something new to seek anew

Each night is a chapter closed to go in her history book

If she can withstand the tests of present times and survive

May be then she can disrupt the other sixty percent of those witches' plans

Else the victory is of those witches who shall celebrate the death of the imprisoned girl


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Moongirl.dreamweaver ►



Sun 3rd May 2020 03:28

Hey Nigel, I think God has sent you with his uplifting words. Each disappointment I feel, falls flatly after reading your words. Who are you? I need to know, a spiritual guide?

Your remarks in here develops another fort for me. I'm setting to embark. Would you help in letting me know the plans?

Help me, I feel like a miserable abandoned soul.

Thanks Nigel for your constant support and uplifting words. In times like these even your best friends leave you to die. Please talk to God and speak.

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Nigel Astell

Sun 3rd May 2020 01:40

Moon girl rising
gains upper hand
spirit against evil
her own plans
will destroy theirs.

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