Lockdown diaries

Social distancing is a norm today

Those who practised are strong

Those who broke the rule did terribly wrong

At first this locked thing had a very convincing effect

As days passed energies renewed and body recovered

Slowly sleeping and resting became a trend in vogue

Home chores are privately done work to busy self at home

Quarantine a new word learnt and experienced this new year

So many things broke and recovered after isolated fear

As the days went passing by, silence became a new music to live by

Natures people all are free to gauge the land and blue sky

We humans are blocked within our cages to rest at home

Zoo and reserved forests are a feel that we feel as of now

Empathizing the poor animals locked down throughout their life

A terrible feeling is running a neverending race within

Difficult to explain  how it feels to be living all alone

Even during this lockdown times I can feel the presence of God by my side

Through Him I derive my immense strength to carry on my daily struggle and strife

I may not easily give up and break my soul into innumerable pieces

For my Rabb is holding me lovingly and protectively in His loving arms

I had fear of aloofness, darkness and evils within me strong

So I prayed, I prayed and prayed with tear filled eyes to relieve me from this fright

Doors of strength opened and lots of strength was on me showered

I hope I can now withstand all the worlds problems

Like lady Hajra I shall live by myself only depending upon my Almighty God

These lockdown days have turned from bitter sorry to strengthening me

Could it be the plan of my God to make strong and brave

I live to love, I live to hope, I live to live all the other days of lock down memories

◄ Love you moon

Moongirl.disappointed ►



Sat 2nd May 2020 06:43

Much appreciated...thank you!!

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Nigel Astell

Sat 2nd May 2020 02:18

As more are faced to look at who they are
he will answer their call.

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