I wish to write

I wish to write every word my mind speaks to me

Those that are blocked within creating disharmony 

I wish to write all the chaos that has been troubling me

Creating turmoils inside which are difficult to handle now

I wish to write all my pain, sorrows and woes away

May be by writing them can help me shed those away

I wish to write the broken lyrics of love here for me

Which has disrupted my soul's tranquility and peace

I wish to write about the betrayal and love cheat

Which is silently killing and bit by bit destroying me

I wish to write about my loneliness and isolation

That is causing so much illness and varying trouble

I wish to write about my frozen dreams that are lost now

Which is why I am out creating noise searching my jewels lost

I wish to do so many things as of now

To write, to speak, to love, to dream, to plan, to enjoy, to travel

Ah! I wish to write my silent sleeping standstill me

And all the life's long lost struggles buried underneath 


◄ Lost dreams

Love you moon ►



Fri 1st May 2020 09:22

Your amusing words made me smile after a long while. Ever since covid lockdown, gloominess all around. Thank you for your mind printing press release, I am happy to have you around me always.

Thanks Don!

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Don Matthews

Fri 1st May 2020 09:09

I would like to write every word my mind speaks to me too Mg, but there are problems....

If I could write each word
My mind did speak to me
I'd be writing continually
For all eternity


My mind's a thousand times faster
Than pen could ever write
Just gonna have to live with it
Tell mind go fly a kite


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