Lost dreams

I have lost all my dreams suddenly

I tried to look for it everywhere

Under the table, under the heavy chair

They seem to have bloated and blown away

I cant find them in the sky above or far away

Or they have slipped off into the gently flowing river

Swiftly drifted away from my home and city into a distant one

I have lost my dreams in today's frenzy 

My heart has lost its charm and my future's key is lost

Another lock or another key holds no sway on me

I have lost my dreams suddenly in a frenzy 

May be they tip toed silently down the road while I was asleep

slipping off from my bed, making no noise, from under the door into the pathway outside home

I have lost my dreams and I have nothing to keep

Should I go to cops and report my long lost dreamery 

Jewels precious they were for me

In the chest I had hidden for long from everybody

Ah! My lost dreams are making me cry and scream

God please help me, please get my lovely dreams back to me

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