Sudden silence engrips my mind

Soul has nothing more to say or define

Life is at a stand still and movement in breathing

Each and every day the wait of another day elongates

Could it be more silent than silence of today

A city in ruins and deaths knocking a door away

Turning civilizations existing into a history of yesterday

Every house is at rest and all the chores are done

No movement to feel, no struggles to overcome

Just a burden I feel of a body I carry

Burden of a life and the breathing makes it more heavy

Dreams are frozen, plans bitterly spilled

Love is a long lost friend, trying to bridge the gaps built

Will these chirping birds be running the silence race

Are their words going to freeze creating chaotic silence on the way

The rustling leaves, grasses shivering at a gentle breeze

Lightening and thunder breaking the creepy overdose of sleep

Natures spilling voices, noises and turmoil

These are a few of the living examples twisting life forms

Street cats and dogs are fast losing their stamina and skill

Joining us humans in the race to silently keep still

My emotions are thawing one each day at a time

Heart beats losing its melody and whimsical tunes

Like a sudden Carnage the city alive, yet sits still

No roads to walk upon, no journey left to take

Ships are silently anchored along the harbor

None I need to embark upon to explore another shore

A cuckoo's call and a woodpeckers drill

Sounds that a gradually increasing and may get silently kill

No children running in the parks, no one walking along the footpath

Who could have imagined time like this to see in their future

Those who are sleeping their deepest slumber under mudfills

Shall I call them lucky or should I think they are better skilled

This silence is deafening me and my soul is on a verge to explode

If only God would hold me now, and break this eerie silence with His joy

Will I be able to survive a few more time on this walking earth

Else I have to pack my baggage for an onward journey to a mud fill sleeping world

◄ Moongirl.fearandfright

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