I love the way that words jiggle in my head,

They push and shove and jostle, fighting to be said

I can’t grasp their derivation or their urge to visit me,

Or why, swift upon arrival, they’re so anxious to be free.


There are words all lithe and lissom I can flex and shape at will

Which have raucous alter egos, born cacophonous and shrill

They make their exits differently, each according to its style

“Rapid” shoots out quickly, ”Linger” hesitates a while.


“Mellifluous” glides South and slides smoothly off the tongue

And “Eruption” fairly bursts out, like a trap door quickly sprung.

“Guffaw”,  rumbles round my stomach, before bouncing off the walls,

While “Echo” pops out quietly, then calls and calls and calls.


I see words that stand united for a just and worthy cause

And others, hastily assembled, to fill a pregnant pause

Then the smart words get together and form a cunning plan,

To emerge as perfect phrases, just because they can.


Some words will make mischief and hurl into attack,

Often most regretted and hardest to get back.

But for those that may escape me and try to cause offence

There are superhero words, rushing quick to my defence


Cruel words martial their militia in a reckless battle cry

And lead the ardent and the foolish to some pointless do or die

Yet in the final reckoning, words soar above despair

To soothe the torn and lost and weary, with gentle verbal care


At last, apathetic words drift by, idle and inept

Displaced by abstract fey chimera, far too fluid to be kept    

Then when I’m sure that they have left me and I’ve emptied out my brain,

Some upstart word just sneaks back in and fills the space again...




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Philippa Atkin

Sun 21st Jun 2020 09:51

No rhymes this time, just thank you Po!

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Sat 20th Jun 2020 21:13

OMG! I almost missed this masterpiece.

I kid you not when I say
This is best poem I have seen
in god knows how many days.

So creative, super rhymes



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M.C. Newberry

Thu 7th May 2020 12:21

Consistantly clever in its presentation of the tools of our trade and
they can suit so many different intentions, while the rhythm and
rhyme employed ride along together in pleasing harmony.

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 7th May 2020 11:39

A lovely poem and a pleasure to read. Thanks.

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