She Said

She said she had something to tell me.

She looked very serious, a bit grim.

We had been good friends, quite a while, a couple of years.

We were from different cultures,

She American, me English.

And sometimes we clashed on things.

We were able to speak our minds,

Feminists in our own way.

Attending meetings, reading books,

A bit of writng . . . 

Plenty of study, discussion.

But now she had something to tell me.

Was she fed up with me ?

We did clash about that dog and that book.

She called the book racist, I did not.

Had she had enough of my stuffy English ways ? 

Though I tried, really I did,

We didn't see eye to eye on everything but many things.

I valued her friendship highly,

Learned a lot,

But now she had something to tell me . . . .


She said, it's not easy for me.

I'm in love with you, I love you.

I'm a lesbian and I love you !


I said, I thought you had had enough of me ?

No, I want more of you, she said.

She reached for me, I stepped back.

I said, I couldn't, I wouldn't . . . .


I felt awful.

Very flattered.

She was wonderful but . . . .

She had misunderstood.

We both looked away

A tear or two,

Still carried on our friendship,

A year or two

And neither of us ever mentioned it again.

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Hannah Collins

Fri 8th May 2020 09:11

Thank you for reading and commenting Martin,
Very much appreciated,


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Martin Elder

Thu 7th May 2020 23:09

I think I agree with Keith in that this poems honesty is so refreshing. The fact that you are able to write about this is wonderful in itself as much as your erudite portrayal of a friendship and all that which is involved in that friendship.
thank you for sharing this

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Hannah Collins

Wed 29th Apr 2020 17:38

Thank you Keith for that wonderful comment. I was so pleased to read it.
Good friendship is rare and it can overcome difficulties as I've described. I still look back on her as one of my closest friends but unfortunately she had visa problems and had to leave the UK.
Unrequited love, as you describe is painful but has a certain strength and purity about it.
Thank you so much for sharing those memories and thoughts with me and for encouraging me in my writing.


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keith jeffries

Tue 28th Apr 2020 22:34


As a gay man I can relate to this poem and the predicament you found yourself in. It is both awkward and embarrassing but an aspect of life which all of us can easily find ourselves in. I remember in my own life as an adolescent being besotted by another boy. I did all I could to attract this attention without disclosing my sexuality. It was a fruitless exercise. I remember him now, still with great affection. Your poem was beautifully written in such a way that tears came to my eyes. It is indeed unrequited love and I suppose a hopeless love as I discovered. Yet all credit to you for maintaining and understanding your friendship.

Thank you so much for this poem,


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Hannah Collins

Tue 28th Apr 2020 20:30

Thank you for your comment Ray.
Great to hear from you again.


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Tue 28th Apr 2020 20:06

Straight down the line and conveying that edgy divide between different worlds, apparently similar yet teetering on a line that can't be crossed. Very inspiring piece of work Hannah.


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Hannah Collins

Tue 28th Apr 2020 14:36

Thank you Hugh.


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Tue 28th Apr 2020 14:26

A gr[pping true tale,well done !

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Hannah Collins

Tue 28th Apr 2020 14:09

Thank you so much for your comments, Keith,poemagraphic, MC and Don.
Your feedback is very valuable to me.
That is a true story, as many of my poems are.
I enjoyed reading all of your comments and ideas.


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Don Matthews

Tue 28th Apr 2020 00:41

I really like the way you have expressed this Hannah.

While MC has said ' But all things pass eventually' the memory of it is never forgotten......

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 27th Apr 2020 21:34

A very human emotional predicament handled with due respect and
described accordingly. Such situations are surely the most awkward
to handle and when friendship can remain intact then it says a lot
for the strength of the latter. But all things pass eventually, for better
or worse and we should endeavour to obtain the best from what and
whom we meet along the way - and return it in like measure.

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keith jeffries

Mon 27th Apr 2020 18:28


This is wonderful and refreshingly honest. Not in one of my most brazen moments could I compare with this poem; so rich in boldness and emotion. Your friend must be applauded for her courage and forthright manner but you also displayed your integrity and compassion. Such moments occur more frequently than you may think or are often unsaid.

One of your best Hannah and thank you for it.


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