New Dawn

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New Dawn

I pray here on my own all alone

I’m praying for peace for us all

I’m praying for guidance please lend a hand

but as I listen in meditation deep

my thoughts are drowning the words that I seek

Help me to hear with Samuel's ear

I sense you draw near as we speak

a tear starts to fall I know you're hearing my call

and can see all my pain as I weep


The tears that are falling are bleeding from my heart

help us to understand

and awake in the morn with a faith that’s reborn

To a wonderful bright ‘New Dawn’.



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Paul Sayer

Fri 1st May 2020 14:25

Hi Hannah

Thank you so much for your continued support and welcomed inspiring comments.


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Hannah Collins

Tue 28th Apr 2020 14:24

Very moving.


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Paul Sayer

Sat 25th Apr 2020 20:45

Hi V, thank you for your touching comment.

I have served Spiritualist church's all over the South East of England and would often open the service with this prayer.

After I first recited it, a few of the congregation came up to me at the end of the service to ask if they could have a copy to use for their own prayers. I was only too pleased to oblige.

I think this was one of the first pieces of my poetry that I could always remember and recite.


I still use this invocation to this day.

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Sat 25th Apr 2020 20:12

Po! What a glorious prayer. I join with you to awaken in a new world of peace, love and compassion. Write on! 🌈

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Paul Sayer

Sat 25th Apr 2020 11:07

Thank you for such a warming comment Abdul (no pun intended)😇

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Abdul Ahmad

Sat 25th Apr 2020 10:53


A tear jerking prayer.

Your yearning to achieve understanding and optimisim for a wonderful bright "New Dawn" for All shall be rewarded.


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Paul Sayer

Sat 25th Apr 2020 10:31

Thanks to Nigel and Leon and Moon girl for your little flowers of appreciation.

It is indeed a new dawn here in Albion.
The sun is up, the clouds have dissipated and the temperature is rising. I have never had such a deep tan in April before.

It was 110 degrees in our courtyard yesterday!

Global warming.... What Global warming?

<Deleted User> (24283)

Sat 25th Apr 2020 00:16

Thank you for this poem Po. Much needed. In such disappointment, your words give hope of a new day/dawn/start/strength.

Prayers are but lethal weapons bestowed upon us by God.

Keep praying, let the tears roll when the mind and heart is empty, just sleep, God will then pour inspirational words. Follow your good Lord.

Peace n love always!!!

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