The Clown

We always love a comedian, a clown.

I loved his high pitched laugh

So wild and free

But now he says it was all manic

Not joy but misery.

We loved his self deprecating humour

Which we thought was trying to make us see

The crazy silly things about ourselves

But now he says he was tearing himself apart onstage

And we thought it was to make us laugh and cheer us up

To self identify on our pagan, modern, masochistic,

Every day comic ride of life,

But now he is saying it wasn't meant to make us laugh,

It was a cry for help we couldn't hear,

It was a prelude to his suicide.

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Hannah Collins

Fri 19th Jun 2020 21:39

Thanks so much for your comment Jon.


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Thu 18th Jun 2020 16:48

Hi Hannah
Very well told. Sadly, some people are hiding pain without us realising


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Hannah Collins

Sat 2nd May 2020 21:17

Thank you so much Ray and Michael for your great comments.


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Michael Triandam

Thu 30th Apr 2020 05:13

I liked this poem... it reminded me of Robin Williams and made me wonder how many jokes have anger and sadness at their root...I have heard many comedians say that is what fuels them. But thank God for those who make us laugh.

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Tue 28th Apr 2020 20:02

There's a whole lot of self sacrifice and dedication goes into being the bizarre spectacle of public ridicule, that's what they're really inviting. They make us feel better about ourselves. Most need our pity. I think the last three lines are a fantasy. Suicide is a very private affair unlike the stage. A very observant poem nevertheless Hannah. I'm glad you're back again!


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Hannah Collins

Thu 23rd Apr 2020 17:42

Thank you so much Abdul, Tom, Don and Cynthia for commenting.
Very encouraging.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 23rd Apr 2020 15:20

This is so good, Hannah. Such a universal topic uniquely handled by yourself.

Check 'deprecating'. It's such a fine word; probably a typo.

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Don Matthews

Thu 23rd Apr 2020 13:51

So good....

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Thu 23rd Apr 2020 11:59

Loved this Hannah. Such a sad and familiar tale. An interesting subject for poetry too.

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Abdul Ahmad

Thu 23rd Apr 2020 11:00

A well written piece of poetry Hannah.

It reflects the true reality of an all too sad life of a person behind the clowns mask.

A manic depressant by nature with a gift for entertaining others ending his life as many with his talent regularly do.

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