Wandering Blue

I’d like to sail the heavens in a boat that’s made of glass,
Gazing down at myriad beauties, as I soar and pass. 

I’d wheel through foaming skies, above the snow-capped tops,
Over endless grassy plains and fields of burnished crops.

I’d float aloft the jungles that team and pulse alive
And beat swift across the deserts, where the arid creatures thrive.

But mostly I would drift above the endless tracts of blue
Of oceans vast and deep, that tiny raindrops grew.

I’d marvel at the seas that swirl bright around the globe
And wrap the earth secure in her indigo blue robe.

I’d chase the darting sea birds that skim above the froth
And follow skulking sharks beneath an azure cloth.

I’d watch whales that breach the surface in a burst of diamond spray
And thrill to see the dolphins in their effervescent play.

I’d see waving fronds of coral beneath waters turquoise blue
And the ink spot drops of atolls, formed of deep volcanic spew. 

I’d race shoals of silver darlings as they track the currents’ flow
And solve the riddle of the eels, from where the elvers go.

I’d track cerulean blue waves as they crash and burst ashore,
And their idling retreat to the cobalt depths once more.

And yet stark amongst the beauty I see a plastic swirl of shame;
A monster of our making, poised to choke and maim.

Aboard my flying vessel, from which, such glories I have seen,
I pray it’s not too late to rinse our oceans clean.

I pray we’ll stand together to make the seas anew
And give Earth back the purity of her blue and blue and blue.




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Thu 23rd Apr 2020 21:03

What an epic piece of poetry Philippa.

What a sojourner you are. I loved every line.

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Greg Freeman

Thu 23rd Apr 2020 11:33

Thanks for another poem from you, Philippa, that cuts through some of the negativity flying around. An uplifting view of our blue planet, but with a warning attached.

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