What We Cannot See

I'll never see you again

Because you've passed away

But your sacrifice seems even greater now,

Seen in the context of your life when it ceased.

Before all I saw were glimpses,

Just pieces of a puzzle

But now I can no longer see you,

All about you becomes more clear.

Your angry words were borne out of frustration, intelligence and sensitivity,

Not out of malice or venom.

That is why you always expeced to be forgiven,

Why your dark moods blew over quickly

And insults were never personally intended.

I see you now crying out for love,

Begging for understanding

In a world that largely misunderstood you.

I love you now

Because there is no longer any threat or fear of you,

I give you what I couldn't give you when I could see you . . . .

Unconditional love.


For my Father.

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 22nd Apr 2020 20:36

The tipping point when a child stops admiring its father and becomes afraid/sorry for him is a very tragic time.
My wife experienced this following her brother's death in his teens which affected the father irreversibly. It was like two losses not one.

This is an important poem Hannah

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Hannah Collins

Wed 22nd Apr 2020 16:39

Thank you so much for your comment Jennifer.


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jennifer Malden

Mon 20th Apr 2020 13:59

Very sad poem. Agree with keith about 'your angry words were borne out of frustration .................' it takes time to realize that, especially when there is an age difference. Heartbreaking.


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Hannah Collins

Thu 16th Apr 2020 08:11

Thank you Keith and Abdul for your very kind comments.


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keith jeffries

Wed 15th Apr 2020 21:58


What a heartfelt poem. I am drawn to the words, "Your angry words were borne out of frustration, intelligence and sensitivity, not out of malice or venom".

This poem is from the heart of love's treasure chest.

Very well done

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Abdul Ahmad

Wed 15th Apr 2020 20:27


This is wonderful gesture of coming to terms with realization and forgiveness. It shall help to brings to a closure an episode in your life that caused you emotional anxiety. Demonstrating that time does heal.

Abdul Ahmad

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