Eye am Afraid

Physically holding in your anxieties doesn’t take them away

It just forms a hard ball of fear

Forever resting at the bottom of your gut and at the base of your throat

Starving yet full with no passage for entry 

Consuming her existence she needed to feed

Feasting on old wounds 

Maggots crawl between teeth, slither

And fall, morphing between fingers

Butterflies jumping off of her lap 


Unsure if they started as caterpillars 

Or if there was a wound at all 

If there was a garden in her heart

Full and plentiful and trying all along

Or if it could have been a dirt clod stretch

Graves dug for all the versions of her

Bound to die away

She finds herself wishing she could see the boulders set along her spine

Desperate to lift and remove them herself

Knowing they are too large for the stream which they find themselves 

Inhaling the remorseful air she fashioned herself in

If only, to put the weight and confusion aside

Trying to figure out what collected on the pebbles to turn them stones

And how to chip away at the solidified fear

Which returns you to reality

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