I’ll wait for you

Sadness, tears, and a broken heart,

I don’t care, I’ll take it all.

I’m strong enough to fight through,

For you, I’ll take the fall.

I’ll never give up on you,

Day by day I’ll wipe away my tears,

And when you’re brave enough to leave,

I’ll be here to kiss away your fears.

I won’t settle for “we’re impossible”,

We are meant to be,

Our “colliding” was no accident,

Oh, J, can’t you see,

we’re exactly what each other needs.

You tell me there’s no such thing as perfect,

But if you could see yourself through my eyes,

You’d see just how perfect you are,

I see right past all of your faults, fears, past lies.

Everything you’ve ever said or done,

Everything you’ve been through,

Has shaped you into the incredible man you are today,

It all brought you to me, it all made me fall in love with you. 

You’re so precious and deserving, 

Let me show you how peaceful love can be.

Hold me tight and never let go,

I see how scared you are, but also how much you love me.

I yearn to feel your touch, 

To hear you whisper, “I love you” without fear.

For you to hold me and squeeze me tight, 

Look me in the eyes and wipe away every single tear.

◄ Let me love you


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Hannah Collins

Tue 7th Apr 2020 20:40



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M.C. Newberry

Tue 7th Apr 2020 15:09

As a devotee of song, I also see this as a "show song" - performed
by a Broadway star in some big show as the curtain comes down on
Act One and leaves the audience wildly applauding.

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