Times of yore

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Inspired by 'Jason's wonderful poem  "Birdsong".

Which I was reading whilst the news was on the background reporting on 'domestic abuse' cases rising., as a result of COVID 19 quarantine’s rules.


Times Of Yore


Unison sings in this birdsong poem

to remind us of 'times of yore'

when the only chatter coming down the line

was the repetition of that old jackdaw.


Or the sweet melodious blackbirds' song

when all was well in our world

the 'dawn chorus' the only thing on our minds

and man was not so blindly confined. 


With greed and envy and anger and hate

when birdsong was the thing we would contemplate

Now as we arise and turn on the news

the birdsong is deafened by the consanguineous abused.



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Don Matthews

Mon 6th Apr 2020 23:27

Po - yes, some things you can never un-see

Ruth - I'm glad magpies have advanced since the early days as we have a family of them in our garden


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Mon 6th Apr 2020 17:14

Hello Hannah, Thank you so much for your support.

My mind is so used to taking on a fight response when I hear of these wide-spread happenings. In the past, I would arrive on the scene (literally) after the event had happened. Some things you see you can never un-see.

Mother Nature always brings me back to earth so that I can find the solace she provides.

I have in the past used poetry to calm and redress the unbalance that these heinous topics topple, rocking one's very sanity.


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Mon 6th Apr 2020 17:04

Thanks for dropping in MC... sadly just one of many and many more to follow I dare say.

Nature is a wonderful thing and finds the way forward if left to her own devices rather than our vices.

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Hannah Collins

Mon 6th Apr 2020 16:19

I saw the item on the news you refer to, about the rise in domestic violence. It is disturbing.
I loved reading your poem.
I love the way Nature is just getting on with it, lots of buds on the trees, bird nests and beautiful birds everywhere.
Fed them yesterday.


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M.C. Newberry

Mon 6th Apr 2020 13:56

Avian flu - anyone? One of the previous strains that have come our

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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 6th Apr 2020 13:45

I am starting to tune into less News Po, the power it has over our subconscious mind is immense.

Don, the first birds were like little dinosaurs. The modern magpie is thought to be a direct descendant of them, and apparently makes a very similar sound.

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Don Matthews

Mon 6th Apr 2020 13:35

That's right Po

Tune into the songbirds
Tune into the frogs
Sing a little croak with them
Hopping in the bog

Now aren't we all happy?


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Mon 6th Apr 2020 11:52

Thank you Moon.girl

My mind was railroaded this morning, it is hard to stay focused on the positive when we pollute our senses with all the news and 'fake' news being broadcast 24/7.

Just simply turn off the news and tune into nature... we are always surrounded by it... and sadly too blind to see it, and too deafened by the incessant noise that drowns us and robs us all of our freedom.


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Mon 6th Apr 2020 11:30

"Free as a bird" Ruth, how true this is.

It is all about what we focus on... STAY AWAY FROM THE NEWS!

The increase in domestic violence is already increasing at a staggering rate.

I was reading Jason's poem this morning whilst the news was on and half of me was basking in tranquil poetry and the other half of me was drawn back to the amount of murders, incest, and physical and mental abuse we had to deal with.

I know that these numbers sadly will increase at a staggering level globally, as a result of confinement to home.



Mon 6th Apr 2020 10:45

Beautiful write dear Po!!

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Mon 6th Apr 2020 10:29

Don, where would our pirates of old have gotten their parrots from?

They are a great source of spreading naughty words... quite infectious are their expletives.

Most here in Albion believe it was the Anglo-Saxon who we can blame for the utterances of the explicit words... it was them bloody parrots from Auz!


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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 6th Apr 2020 09:37

Beautiful poem Po. I'm really enjoying watching the freedom of birds fluttering through the trees on this wonderfully sunny springtime mornings. I look at them and think they are so oblivious to what us humans are going through right now, just bopping happily along!

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Don Matthews

Mon 6th Apr 2020 08:16

It is interesting you mention songbirds Po. They were thought to have originated in Australia over 30 million years ago and spread around the world by island-hopping as islands sprung up. The squarking parrots stayed here as they needed their squark to defend a small food supply.....

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