Praising the lost medics

Their last thoughts must have been of caring for the infected

and of their families back at home

remembering as they most likely did each dying patients name

as death also claimed these warriors for its own

Dear God! must we endure more of their absences

these hero's falling one by one

the human barrier between us and covid-19

making sure the war will ever so bravely by them be won!  


Worlds apart ►


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Thu 9th Apr 2020 11:15

Cheers Jen' Vautaw/'itsy'/ and Hallielle. Hope you all keep covid free!

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jennifer Malden

Sun 5th Apr 2020 10:30

They really have carried out their oath to save lives, although probably that 's not much consolation for the families left behind. here in Italy 80 doctors have died from over exposure to the virus, and it won't have stopped either.


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Sat 4th Apr 2020 17:23

# they are the champions my fri-end
and they'll keep on fighting for us to the end
they are the champions, they are the champions
no thought of losing
cos they are the champions of the WORLD!!!!!!!

# whether you're a mother, father, sister or a brother
you must stay inside, must stay inside
hah hah hah staying inside staying inside
hah hah hah STAYING INS---------------------IDE!!!!!

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