O dear death, you are fast approaching me

I can feel you in the air, and feel you very near

Your cold hands are making their way around me

Not to keep me warm and living, rather cold and dead

I can feel the darkness even during sunshine

And smell you even when I smell the fragrances fine

O darling, you have taken but a long long while

I had been expecting you since a really long time

I have no charm in this world to hold me close

I have no father, no mother, or husband or kids

I am but almost ready for the trip so just come to me quick

Don't keep me waiting long, as I have nothing to do at all

I'm tired wishing and waiting and dreaming unfulfilling dreams

Now I think you are the only one true dream that shall fulfill as I seen

O my darling death, hold me close to you, atleast with you I will have someone to hold to

Take me quick and fast to my God above, in his abode I will find peace and love


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Sat 4th Apr 2020 13:20

Thank you M.C.....I hope I can survive this battle, it's getting tough day by day. Please do pray.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 4th Apr 2020 11:24

Don't go too soon. Life is a gift that is not always appreciated for
what it can be when what it is may be difficult to endure. Soldier
on towards the certain Spring in the knowledge that life, like the
seasons of the year, has its time and place for all things under the

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