O come my loving one

Hold my hand and follow me

I shall take you to a land of delight

Where happiness grows and thrives

Just a little trust is all it takes

A confirmed ticket into the blessed gardens

And there you shall find thee and thy lovely peace


Hold my hand, walk along the bluish sea

Running streams of cool water dreams

Bathing us to anoint us forever in love

Swimming past those iittle slands green

Enjoying a lifetime victory


Come my dear one, take a step ahead and I shall do the same

Entering into a home of magical beauty thriving again

As I hold your head gently massaging through your hair

Trailing down the fingers till your supple lips

Smooching you gently, sucking out all the darkness

Leaving you wholesome and happy ever again


As you silently lay your head over my full curved chest

A softness you feel, and I do your cheeks rub around it

The lips follows the temptations along each side

Slowly playing and then caressing finally lips finds it's way

Heart grows fonder and fonder and the breathtaking smells spreads over


O my lovely one, kiss me like the parched earth kisses the rain

Let the nocturnal love potions be exchanged and souls may curb their thirst again

Following the lustful urges, now a love filled errand

Making your way deeper into the wilder passionate me over again

Gasping and breathing, yet gasping sporadically again

Until we climax and ease our love pain in our love filled game

Let your arms roll around me and make me warm within your embrace

And i too shall entwine thee never to leave you and go anywhere again

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Mon 6th Apr 2020 00:27

So very real Nigel.....your short poems are vivid and beautiful 🌷

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Nigel Astell

Mon 6th Apr 2020 00:22

A star passing
then to disappear
out of sight.


Sun 5th Apr 2020 05:53

Ohk. I hope it was just that.😲

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Nigel Astell

Sun 5th Apr 2020 00:50

I put the comment on twice by mistake and Don suspected a jumpy finger!

Sorted but now he thinks I have more than one!


Sat 4th Apr 2020 13:23

What is this??

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Don Matthews

Thu 2nd Apr 2020 13:11

I'm pleased. Can spread to other fingers if not caught early.....


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Nigel Astell

Thu 2nd Apr 2020 12:31

Sorted Don

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Don Matthews

Wed 1st Apr 2020 23:44

Nigel - you gotta jumpy send finger?


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Nigel Astell

Wed 1st Apr 2020 23:32

Follow love
ticket in hand
cool water dream
a climax waterfall
I gasp again.

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