Cue the manic laughter!

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Cue the manic laughter


Following on from my previous blog*  there is more I'd like to say

when it comes to Global culls there must be a better way.

Many theorize that ‘Covid virus’ is part of a deadly plan

reducing the population, killing women, children, man.

Well there is a flaw in this plan if you think this through

whilst we’re locked in quarantine, we know what many will do.


There's plenty dead with more to come, undoubtedly  is true

However, in nine months time, they’ll be replaced

So I pondered on what to do...


In my lab, I set to work before retirement came

knowing I’d be short of cash... and bring notoriety to my name

I created an insidious virus that causes sperm to dry

thus ending over-population, and no one needs to die.

See how I thought of you and easing the Global strain

no more useless eaters, only me and Greta remain


I’ve posted it on e.bay, you can buy it now for 10/6

or sold to the highest bidder... But my masterstroke and trick

is the antidote will just be mine, I’ve kept the formula secure

So you can stuff your pension, Cos. only I will have the cure.


Cue the manic laughter Ha Ha Ha... Ha Ha!



10/6 mad hatter reference.  Thats about 52p well 52.5p but if you can't remember 'old money' you may not remember we used to have half a new p (which is also a problem for us oldies... but that is a poem for another day)



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Wed 1st Apr 2020 07:18

Good Morning V

It is great to see your lurking and dropping in 😄

It is good in the morning to see who is still around and not fallen victim to Covid...

I feel it is paramount to stay well in mind as well as body and writing about dark stuff for me brings a huge wave of light to a dull dank day like a ray of sunshine.

Others think it is a cloud that blots their light.

As poets we can never hope to please everybody all the time.
If I don't get any comments or likes for weeks than I think I need to change what I write about... NO I DON'T !

I can't help how my mind works and this is how it works and I like it the way it is..

Says Po
With the sounds of his manic laughter echoing across cyberspace.

I am pleased you are well and that the muse is strong with you it is

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Wed 1st Apr 2020 00:50

Thanks for the 'like' Jeannot

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Tue 31st Mar 2020 21:20

M.C. Your reply is heart-warming.

I am waiting for someone to spot the all telling tag re. Greta (Global puppet).

How the power broker’s set up a pasty is legendary... How they create the problem, wait for the reaction... and then follow it up with the implementation of their solution which the mass populace cry out for.

Thus allowing the ripping away of our hard fought for freedom... Hell, we willingly hand it to them on a plate... or worse scream for their help.

911 anyone. 7/7. Grenfell Tower (Research it, don’t believe the media hype). Bay of Pigs. Pearl Harbour, Talk about ‘False Flag’.
Shit, the list is endless and growing daily.

Global warming... Of course, there are major changes in the world climate... However, we are not the main contributor to this natural reoccurring climatic cycle.

5G is going to be a game-changer for the Global World Order... Its rollout is well and truly underway.
Check out how much the world Governments are racking in in license fees. Just the amount the UK Government has received so far for the new licenses in the last few Months/Years’.

### There are so many zeros in that figure I could not tell you the amount.

It is all about C O N T R O L. The data mining boys are having a field day with the huge uptake in surfing their Global net... THINK about that phrase ‘Global net’.

Who knows who or where COVID originated from, the fact is it is here, and this is another huge shift in peoples take on reality.

Sky net, that's an interesting topic, as are the aerosols being sprayed daily right over your heads...

Smart gadgets, smart dust, Ai, Surveillance cameras and covert microphones, their proliferation is increasing exponentially.

Talking of flags... What an opportunity this year is going to be for those in the USA whose job it is to plan the next red flag laws... Are you watching Brian?

On the 9th of September 2001, our world changed exponentially that day... Problem > Reaction > Solution.

This should give you and others a few things to ponder MC.
Have a nice day ;)

Kevlar jacket at the ready for the responses to this...

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 31st Mar 2020 15:54

An old penny was 1/240 of a pre-decimal pound -. when you could buy a Mars bar for six old pence. A half penny was what is said and a farthing was a quarter of
an old penny. A post-decimal pound is valued at 100 pence and a Mars bar now
costs fifty pence (cheaper shops only).
And now for a Global World Order take on today's CV19 situation.
Aha - how about a dress rehearsal for global control by the power players who
have created that "brave new world" with their eager beaver king makers
in the
media who carry the message and its evolving ever-extending tiem schedule
of dictatorial control under the names "care" and "protection"? Just asking,
you understand.
Being paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to grab your lives. 😧


Tue 31st Mar 2020 10:52


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Tue 31st Mar 2020 10:52

Thanks for your like Brian and Moon.girl
Glad you liked it...

And hopefully had a little chuckle at my expense, 😉

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Tue 31st Mar 2020 09:20

Just between you me B
I can sell you some undies that will help

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