Baby Boom

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The latest scientific research seems to point to the fact that if your parents did not have any children you are 99% likely to not have any either.


In nine months time a baby boom ( I know its a tautology )

will be resounding across the world

During all of this captivity, much sexual action will unfurl

Boys and girls will be popping up like there is no tomorrow

Bringing lots of happiness and doubtless years of sorrow

“You were an accident” reluctant parents heard to say

So just remember what I’ve said and what you do today.


Po. (The spoilsport and savior of the world).

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Don Matthews

Tue 31st Mar 2020 13:41

Twaddle doddle
Lowers tone
Of WOL website
I hear moan

But guess what?
Don't give a stuff
I will write
Smooth and rough


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Tue 31st Mar 2020 12:20

For you twaddle
is a doddle
for others its very hard
not like you and me
we're the two new Bards

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Don Matthews

Tue 31st Mar 2020 11:33

When friend drops in on onya
One hopes they're not too round
Cos if they are too rotund, fat
They'll squash you to the ground


Gawd, I must be getting bored to write this twaddle...


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Tue 31st Mar 2020 11:08

Thanks again Moon.girl

Keith nice to see you dropped in old friend

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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 30th Mar 2020 14:09

If your parents didn't have children you won't either? Hmmm do we actually exist right now? Or just mere figments of an artificially intelligent imagination? I'm just going to have a ponder😉

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