A Letter to Those Who need it.

Dear Weary and Tiresome Souls, 

When you get caught up with years from the past

Does it make you ache for what didn’t last?

Are you strong enough to stand when shame passes through? 

Or do you bandage your wounds to hide them from view?


Has it become hard for you to breathe bearing all that weight

It’s easy to wander when the narrow gets too straight.

Your shoulders carry burdens in a level stack.

Underneath all that pressure, you will crack.


So you’ve lost someone dear to your heart 

You never thought you would be apart

Cherish them with melodies and beautiful Hymns

Breathe in that sweet breath of life in remembrance of them.


Do you wake up worn and ill with fear? 

Afraid and worried about what looks unclear.

Drowning in a sea of oblivion and swallowed by panic.

We live in a dying world. What's more tragic?


Here’s to another night booking a vacant heart.

Lonely complaints are off to a good start

That bottle there is not your friend.

Vices fill the void, an invitation to sin.


Look in the glass and tell me what you see

The lies of who they tell you who to be?

Habits are formed by the insecurities we let ourselves believe. 

With routines like that there’s nothing, we’ll achieve. 


I see you're worried about making it through the week.

Calculating numbers in your sleep. 

Working overtime for that curly-haired little boy. 

Cashing in paychecks so he can have that toy.


My friend, pick up your broken pieces 

Send them to heaven where all pain ceases

Surround yourself among the wildflowers

Don’t be afraid to knock down your tower


When it feels like everything hurts

And you can’t find a remedy to cure

Dance underneath the weeping willow

And say a prayer as your head hits the pillow. 


You aren’t meant to walk through life alone. 

As humans we are accident-prone. 

Reach for the stars and call out to the moon. 

He will send an army to be there soon. 


Creator of the atmosphere

Let us know that you are near

Take our burdens, help us cope

Down here on earth please give us hope. 


----Part Two of “Conversations with the Moon”. 


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Mon 30th Mar 2020 05:54

Absolutely loved this piece. So many great lines and a wonderful message of hope. Thank you for sharing this.

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Mon 30th Mar 2020 03:50


Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate the constant support!

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Sun 29th Mar 2020 23:34

This is such an insightful, inspired piece of writing Jordyn

I am certain that far more people will get such a benefit from reading this.

You will find a larger audience real soon, trust and keep the faith.
You are being guided.


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