Time will pass you by

Youth culture
Talc on the floor
The music is in rare quantity
For what's in store

Symbol of the night owl
Wigan casino
The ll nighters seem to last all day
Phet taken in mass dosage
To dance the blues away

Dapper lads in flares or tonics
Tidy lasses
With Off shoots of the mods
Are flock to be here
After Trading records at the pub
Drinking that first beer

Who dances the best?
That's up to you
When the music plays
There's only one thing to do

"Because the night
Will turn your life around
Out here on the floor tonight
It's turning my heartbeat up
Do I love you? Indeed I do
You don't mean it
What what shall I do
Cause it's soul time
I'm on my way
Back on the right track
I'll keep holding on"

Northern by nature
Soul by trade
I wasn't part of that era
But I'm here now.

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Sun 29th Mar 2020 21:42

Enjoyed this KTF. Well done. P 👍

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