Few gave a tinker’s cuss

about our NHS, thinking

it a given right to vilify the

boys and girls who skitter

down the corridors or who

disappear into rooms when

alarms go screeching off.

But when a flap is on and

people peg out in their

sorry droves, that’s when

the Gurneys come and creak

away the mounting stiffs.

‘What did you do at work

today? A child might ask a

part time Mum. Eat up your

cottage pie, and if you behave

I’ll read you a bedtime tale

about a Florence Nightingale.

We heard of her at school.

She was up to her armpits

with damaged troops who

who often croaked away or

had arms and legs removed.

Nurse FLORENCE gives a

sort of sideways grin. And

says, 'Let me tuck you in'.




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